Friday, January 22, 2010


Photo by the amazing Lenaah: her flickr

I am sorry that i abandoned my blog writing post. I never realized that people actually followed this and I forgot I had this reserved piece of internet waiting for me to come back and pour my blood through the wires and invisible intangible idea of the internet.

Here's a list ( because they are always more fun to read) of New Developments In My Life Since 2009.

  • I am just as conflicted as always. I can not allow myself to escape past entanglements, like my dad I guess, he can never throw anything useful away.
  • I've improved exponentially in my photographic endeavors.
  • I'm more in love with my boyfriend.
  • I'm graduating in six months.
  • I have two new pen pals
  • I'm doing things I love as much as I can.

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