Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things I love Thursday

by lucasinphotoshop

Taking a page out of one of my favorite blogger's book (Gala Darling)Here is my Things I Love Thursday (in no sort of order).

1. Learning to Play Bass- I admit I've gotten off to a rough start. Thank goodness my teacher is also my boyfriend and thus cannot get too angry at me. I'm one of those people though who want to get it right the first time and if they don't work at it over and over again until it is the epitome of perfectness.

2. Enjoying Time with My extended Family- Yes! I love my Grandparents! Haha. They've been here most of this week now and my grandmother is keeping me full with her amazing baked goods and scrumptious dinners. Meanwhile my grandfather has entertained us all with his Mr.-Fix-It nature (which I'm sure my father gets from him) which has him dashing around our home looking for something to fix or help my father with. My favorite uncle has also come down with them to visit. He is truly a funny/ fun guy.

3. Anticipating Mail- there's no better feeling than knowing you will be recieving a parcel with something exciting in it. My boyfriend's gift is on the way as well as a beautiful dress I've been coveting and a new 50mm for my little Canon DSLR. I'm soooo excited!

4. White Chocolate Peanut butter - sinfully sweet peanutbutter white chocolate hybrid that I've been spreading on toast every morning for breakfast.

5. Wristcutters: A Love Story- this movie is hilariously strange in the same vein as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It also made me want to cherish everyday and plan an awesome roadtrip.

6. Discovering a Love for Boots Again-especially these or these by Doc Marten. I can just imagine pairing these with a cute sundress- ideal for wandering in the woods on summer days

7. My First New Year With Him - he has been everything I've needed right now. From a confidant to a playmate to a best friend, He's done all seamlessly and without comment or complaint when I have issues. Thank goodness I finally found a good one. \

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