Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my 50s dreams

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I am completely in love with 50s style. I ordered four discounted ($9.00!) Issac Mizrahi dresses that are styled in the 50s pattern. I want to order vintage but its so expensive! and i have 0.00 dollars that are not also my parent's. I can't wait to have a job that can support me and leave some spending money open.
I've been watching Pushing Daisies ( i got the first series on sale!) and i love it! so dreamy and clever. I'm still heartbroken that the show got canceled.
Our exchange student from Austria is here, Michelle is so cute! such adorable style and her culture is so interesting. 6 months is a long time though...
I also got a ton of classics from the used bookstore today! so much to read! i'm so excited!

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