Friday, January 2, 2009

A Good Afternoon of Shopping!

Today I bought my first copy ever of Frankie Magazine. A rare find indeed in my state. Especially in the small town I live in. It's also really expensive here! almost $20! But i love it. the pictures are pretty and the writing inspiring. Kind of like Nylon only a little better.

I also bought a new Moleskine for the new year! I've had so many thoughts floating around like bubbles in my brain that I really feel the need to record them before they all pop! My boyfriend's gift came today: a Fossil watch that I loved and hope he'll like just as much.

I'm awful in bookstores. I pick up everything that looks interesting and soon my arms are full of paperbacks, journals, craft books, and magazines. Then I sift through them all in an abandoned corner of the bookstore and choose what I want. I can't walk through a vendor of these amazing things without buying something.

Books are my one weakness.

Hopefully this friday will include some plans for me but I might stay home and curl up in my sweaters and this hat and watch some reruns

we'll see.

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